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Pre-registration and Registration

If you need the course description for any of the courses, you must contact the Study Abroad Officevia email at uce_intercambio@ulima.edu.pe
Class schedules for each new academic period are posted at Universidad de Lima’s webpage1 about two weeks before registration time. You must send us an email with the following information:
  • Complete name of the course.
  • Course section number.
  • Name of the course instructor.
  • Schedule of class sessions.
Remember, times and days classes meet must not overlap.
If you have decided which courses you will take, you must pre-register online2. Once you finish your pre-registration, send us your pre-registration code number via email. Enrollment in courses must be completed at Universidad de Lima. If you send us the information requested above, we may complete it for you.

(1) The way to reach course schedules is Matrícula > Horarios [Registration > Schedules] (according to the academic term)
> Once there, choose Estudios Generales [General Studies] if you wish to take core courses such as Peruvian History or one
of the colleges under Estudios de Pregrado [Undergraduate Studies] depending on the course you wish to take.

(2) The way to reach pre-registration is Admisión > Preinscripción en línea > alumnus libres, consorcios e intercambio.
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