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FOREIGN STUDENTS Universidad de Lima

Universidad de Lima Student ID Card
It is the official Universidad de Lima ID card.
All students are required to carry one in order to:
  • Enter the campus.
  • Use the computer labs.
  • Use the campus library.
  • Use the campus medical services.

Computer Labs
The computer labs are open to any Universidad de Lima student. Here you may have free access to the Internet. They are located in Buildings V and W.
In order to have access to the labs, the University will provide you with an access code and a free email account. To access your email through any computer with Internet access, log on to www.ulima.edu.pe
The Multimedia Labs are located in Building E. These are equipped with powerful computers fitted with graphic design software and compatible hardware designed for image and sound manipulation.

Cafeterias and kiosks
Our cafeterias offer breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We also have kiosks and vending machines that offer a variety of snacks.

Psychology Department
Educational Psychology counseling is offered freely and confidentially. It provides the following services:
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Workshops on Self-esteem, Study Habits, Social Habits, Relaxation, and Presentation Techniques.
  • Conferences, movie screenings, discussions related to physical and psychological health through an annual Health Week.

The Carlos Cueto Fernandini Library uses a computerized catalog which you may access through the university’s web site at www.ulima.edu.pe
You may also find computer access booths inside the Library building.

Throughout the year, the College of Communications screens a number of national, classic, foreign, and commercial films, as well as student produced short films. The Ventana Indiscreta theater is located on the third floor of building E-1.

University Bookstore
Located in Building V, it offers academic works, journals, encyclopedias, novels, and all types of publications.

Well-known coaches and trainers from reputable sports clubs are in charge of our football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, track, chess, karate, tennis, aikido, biking, racquetball, rugby, ping pong, swimming, and tae kwon do teams. You may also join the Mountain Climbing Association, which programs events related to mountain and rock climbing.

Artistic activities
These workshops are supervised by highly experienced professionals.
  • Contemporary Dance.
  • Peruvian Dance.
  • Color [Painting].
  • Poetry.
  • Theater.
  • Narrative.
  • Tuna*.

Astronomy Circle
Teachers and students share their interest in the study of the universe and the stars in weekly meetings. Following their events schedule, they go out of Lima to observe astronomical events with an 11-inch telescope.

Health Department
It has a permanent staff of medical doctors and nurses specialized in emergencies, general medicine, dermatology, gynecology, rheumatology, and trauma. In case you need medical attention, you may go to the first floor of Building F.

Bank branch office
A branch office of Scotiabank is open and available to all members of the university community. You may also use the ATM’s to complete banking transactions without leaving the safety of the university grounds.

* [Tr. note]: From Spanish tradition, a group of students dressed in medieval costumes who play traditional instruments and serenade.
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